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Thank you for your interest in Fancy Flushes! We're excited you stopped by our page to learn a little more about the business. It is our goal to provide personalized service in an industry that may seem impersonal at times (after all, it's bathrooms right?). We take pride in knowing that we can play a small part in making each customer's event a little more memorable. Hopefully, you will "do your 'business' with us" and allow us to be a part of your big day!
BIG (Brannon Industrial Group) is a family-owned Texas business leading the way with innovative solutions, better customer service, high returns, and the highest standards of sustainability. 

"We founded BIG to bring innovation to an industry that hasn’t changed in 50 years.

With my family and our team, we are dedicated to bringing cutting edge solutions, integrity, and a focus on serving our customers in every aspect of waste diversion and recycling."

Blake Brannon, BIG President


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