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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Fancy Flushes?

Because we're awesome! Fancy Flushes is a local family-owned company based in the Bryan/College Station area, part of BIG (Brannon Industrial Group). We want your potty experience to be as comfortable as if it were your own house. We strive to make sure you are the King or Queen of the Throne!

What's the difference in a normal portable restroom and a Fancy Flush?

There is really no comparison! Each Fancy Flush unit has flushing toilets, sinks with running water and soap, mirrors, lighting, and heating and air conditioning. These restrooms have everything you need to treat your event guests to an upscale experience. It's so nice, your guests may not want to leave, and did we mention there is air conditioning?!?

What area do you service? 

We will drive all over Texas (sometimes Louisiana and Oklahoma) to bring you an amazing restroom experience.

Do I have to provide the paper products for inside the unit?

No way! We will provide paper towels, toilet paper and soap for each Fancy Flush stall. 

Are Fancy Flushes handicap accessible?

The Fancy Flushes ADA unit meets all ADA requirements in addition to providing guests with all the "Fancy" amenities. 

Do Fancy Flushes need water and power to function?

Yes, Fancy Flushes require a 110V power outlet, and a water spigot needs to be accessible within approximately 50 feet of the trailer to provide adequate water pressure. ALL water hoses and power cords are supplied by Fancy Flushes, LLC at no additional cost.

What if I don't have access to water and power at my venue?

No problem! We can provide water and power at an additional cost. Each Fancy Flush has an on-board fresh water tank that can be filled to service the trailer.  A generator can also be provided. Contact us for details! 

Who maintains the restroom trailer during my event?

The Fancy Flush will run all by itself during the event. Customers are responsible for the basic upkeep and product stocking (with provided products if needed). We will walk through this with each customer. While not necessary, an attendant may be requested for an additional fee. 

Which Fancy Flush restroom trailer will I need for my event?

Each trailer has a different sized waste tank, so it's important to consult with us before choosing. The Fancy Flushes Elite is recommended for events with over 250 guests. Smaller events may use the Fancy Flushes II. It is definitely possible to rent more than one Fancy Flush for a larger event. Other factors to consider when choosing a unit are the time span of the event and if food and alcohol will be served.

How do I book a Fancy Flush restroom trailer?

Just give us a call (979-260-0006), or send us an email (, and we will provide you a quote for your event.

Is delivery included in the quote?

Absolutely! We charge a standard one way delivery fee, but we do build this into the price. Setup and take down is also included.

Does someone need to be present during delivery?

Ideally, yes. We would love the chance to meet you and show you how the unit works. Also, we want to make sure the unit is placed exactly where you would like it to be for the ultimate satisfaction of your guests, so we will request that you are present.

Do I have to clean this thing after my event?

NOPE! (Thank goodness, right?) We will take care of cleaning the Fancy Flushes after your event is over. Exceptions to this rule may be long-term rentals. see below

Do you offer long-term rental?

Yes, we do. Long-term rentals are based on availability, so we definitely suggest long-term rentals are booked early in advance. Long-term rental customers are responsible for the cleaning and basic maintenance of the restroom trailer while it's in their care. Long-term rental customers are also responsible for regular pumping of the waste tank to ensure the tank does not over fill. Sound complicated? We will help you figure out the logistics! 

What if I don't need something this "fancy"?

We've got you covered! We also offer the regular porta-can option. Give us a call, or visit our website: for information on this restroom option. 

If you have more questions than the ones provided here, please CONTACT US. We know this is a "business" decision, and we would love to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.
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